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    Dr. Rice Moderates Coppin State University Black Male Initiative Town Hall

    Keeping Your Head Up! Strategies and Tools for Black Male Empowerment Navigating the Complex Web of Historic Oppression, Racism, Violence and Strife in the United States.

    The purpose of this event was to provide a forum to discuss and amplify the current plight of the Black Male in response to COVID-19 and the ongoing social unrest associated with the deaths of African Americans as a result of their interactions with law-enforcement. Most importantly, strategies were considered that can support and uplift Black men during this important moment in history.

    Taskforce Chair – Dr. Errol Bolden, Department of Social Work Moderator – Dr. Johnny Rice II, Department of Criminal Justice Panelists: Dr. Lopez Matthews, Department of Humanities Dr. Malcolm Drewery, Department of Applied Political & Social Sciences Mr. Christopher Thomas, Center for Counseling & Student Development Mr. Joshua Thomas, Alumnus

    Learn more about the great Coppin State University at https://www.coppin.edu/blackmaleinitiative

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