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Darryl Green Discusses Deep Forgiveness


The Practitioner’s Corner Season 1, Episode 2 – September 21, 2018


Welcome to The Practitioner’s Corner, a podcast dedicated to health, safety and social justice. Darryl Green will be joining host, Dr. Johnny Rice II, to discuss his work in the restorative justice movement and his recommendations for how to heal from trauma and harm.

Darryl Green was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and has lived all over the city growing up and later lived in the Park Heights area. He went to Catholic Schools growing up. Still to this day he always extends his hand of friendship to help children, youth and families in need. Darryl’s mom was a foster parent so Darryl has a lot of brothers and sisters, all over the country. He was taught the meaning of service at a young age watching his parents serve as a nurturing force to children who were in need.  His practice based experience encompasses the fields of mentoring, positive youth development, responsible fatherhood.  In this episode Darryl discusses the tragedy that moved him into the restorative justice movement.

Today Darryl works with the non-profit he founded Deep Forgiveness, and works to move the needle in a positive direction in the lives of individuals who have experienced victimization and hurt. 

Key Takeaways

-We can do more together than we can apart.

-Restorative justice can support healing.

-If you have a passion to do something in this world, just do it.

Show Notes

-Darryl’s background and upbringing (2:30)

-Darryl’s professional background (4:35)

*Life’s work working with inner city kids

-What brought Darryl into this work (8:00)

Restorative Justice

  • Faith as a key role in extending a helping hand (13:30)
  • Healing, reconciliation and deep forgiveness (16:02)
  • Recommendations for someone who wants to create a program/initiative in the restorative field (18:18)
  • Creating a space for healing (19:30)
  • Avoiding burnout and refueling your battery (22:28)
  • The gifts you give yourself (24:20)


“Service was a beautiful thing to be able to help grab somebody by the hand, move them and help them along.”

“Hurt people hurt people”

“I just knew there was something else I needed to do.”

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